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Corpus Christi DJ Resigns On Air

Web Posted: 04/02/2004 12:00 AM CST
Jeorge Zarazua
San Antonio Express-News

April Fools' Day didn't end Thursday without a whopper of a prank that duped listeners of a top-rated radio station in Corpus Christi and the local newspaper's online edition.

Rex Gabriel, morning disc jockey for KNCN 101.3, played a hoax on listeners when he abruptly resigned Wednesday during his on-air program, leaving several minutes of radio silence.

Gabriel told listeners he was leaving after reading what he said was a memo from San Antonio-based Clear Channel Radio threatening cutbacks to his show.

Gabriel's morning show partner, Dan Rios, finished the remainder of the four-hour program alone.

The morning duo revealed the prank Thursday as an April Fools joke.
"It was all a big hoax," said Matt Martin, the station's vice president for marketing. "We started planning this two weeks ago."

Martin said the memo from Clear Channel was a fabrication and that the station called back several of its listeners to explain the April Fools joke.

"Listeners were very happy to hear Rex and Dan were still together," said Omar Thompson, Clear Channel's vice president of marketing and communications.
Aside from listeners, the prank duped the Corpus Christi Caller-Times' online edition into posting a report on its Web site announcing Gabriel's quick departure.

The article was withdrawn from the Web site late Wednesday without explanation.

Newspaper editors didn't comment on the joke Thursday.

Martin said he didn't know how many listeners called the station in response to the prank, but added, "it was enough to make me very happy with the performance of the station."



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