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New York City's 18th Annual April Fool's Day Parade


Our friend, Joey Skaggs is up to his yearly shenanigans again with the 16th Annual April Fool's Day Parade in New York City. This year's theme is "Duck & Cover." Read on to find out what Joey has in store.

* * * * * * * * * *

This year the April Fools' Day Parade promises to be much bigger and unbelievably better. So feel free to contribute your own entries. If you don't want to dress as a fool or enter a float, please wear a burkha. There will be a burkha fashion contest with awards for both men and women at the end of the parade.

See you there. Pass the word!




New York April Fools' Committee
127 MacDougal Street, Suite 962
New York, New York 10012



"Duck & Cover"

The eighteenth annual April Fools' Day Coronation of the King of Fools will be marked by a parade down Fifth Avenue, from 59th Street to Washington Square Park, beginning at 12 noon, Tuesday, April 1st, 2003.

The New York April Fools' Day Parade was formed in order to remedy a glaring omission in the long list of New York's annual ethnic and holiday parades. These events fail to recognize the importance of April 1st, the day designated to commemorate the perennial folly of mankind. In an attempt to bridge that gap and bring people back in touch with their inherent foolishness, the parade annually crowns a King of Fools from the parading look-alikes. Each year, the nominations are made by a select board under the auspices of the April Fools' Day Committee.

The public is encouraged to participate, in or out of costume, with or without floats, and may join the procession at any point along the parade route. However, this year, the parade will be operating under Homeland Advisory Code Red status. Walking point, in case of a terrorist attack, will be red-faced look-alikes of high-profile fools who have exploited and embarrassed the nation, including numerous members of the clergy, former GE CEO Jack Welch, former ENRON CEO Kenneth Lay, and Martha Stewart. They'll all be singing Jimmy Reed's "Shame, Shame, Shame."

To protect the marchers and the crowd from sniper attacks, the entire parade route will be wrapped with military camouflage fabric by artist Christo. The CIA has generously offered to provide a fly-by of missile-armed unmanned surveillance drones for extra protection.

This year's floats will include a U.S. Government Reparations Float offering IOU's to Blacks, Jews, Japanese, Italians, Irish, Germans, Native Americans, Hawaiians and anyone else who feels they or their descendents have suffered or will suffer persecution; a $50,000 Hokget Lost-Dog-at-Sea Float, featuring a Hokget look-a-like feasting on spare ribs on a burned-out oil tanker; a Michael Jackson Dangling his Child off the Balcony Float; an Anti-Terrorism Disaster Readiness Float dispensing anti-radiation iodine pills, small pox inoculations, antibiotics, Valium and a supersize coupon for McDonald's; and the Axis of Evil Float featuring Iraq, Iran and North Korea showing off their latest surprise weapons of mass destruction. Bringing up the rear of the parade will be the Raelian Alien Clone Hoax Float being chased by drooling journalists.

Celebrity look-alike fools will include: President George W. Bush, John Ashcroft, Donald Rumsfeld, Boston's former Cardinal Bernard Law, Senator Trent Lott, Liza Minelli, David Geffen, Nicholas Cage and Lisa Marie Presley.

At the end of the parade there will be a number of booths, among them the Hot Off the Rack Boutique Booth featuring garments and accessories from Winona Ryder's closet.

In a daring attempt to create world peace through fashion by simply eliminating identifiable targets, renowned international designers will debut their burkha concepts in the burkha fashion booth. In addition, Christo's camouflage wrap will be cut into burkhas and auctioned to raise money for next year's parade.

The King or Queen of Fools will be chosen based on the loudest cheers of the crowd at Washington Square Park. The winner will reign through March 31st, 2004.

For information contact: Joey Skaggs, Committee Chair, at 212-254-7878







The april fools practical jokes and gag gifts contained in this site are so funny that if I am drinking milk while checking these jokes out, I snort all that white liquid out my nose! Don't be one of the april fools, doggonit, check these practical jokes and gag gifts out! The practical jokes practically bring the house down! Down through history the fools of April have had their day, one day a year. See what those april fools have been up to and don't laugh with them, laugh at them.

- Walter Cronkite

April and her band of fools just love the tomfoolery on this site. From media hoaxes to pranks to gag gifts to practical jokes this site makes me laugh even when I'm in trouble with the law. Say, does anyone know if April is available because I would like to be her fool if you know what I mean. And if not does she have a sister?

- Bill Clinton

This April fools practical jokes and gag gifts pad is a jolly good site, indeed. I perused it over one time and laughed so hard it almost made me pee. Then a month later, I thought I would look up a few April fools practical jokes to play on dear young William (and even bought a few gag gifts) and I came back to this pad and laughed so hard I did pee my pants. Jolly good thing I am wearing Depends now days.

- Queen Elizabeth

It is not knowledge that is important, but rather imagination. And this April fools site is chocked full of imagination. And of course knowledge. Of course you can't deny the great gag gifts and practical jokes you find here, either. When I wrote my great theory I wasn't really thinking of great media hoaxes or fart jokes but yes, now I see that they too can apply. The jokes here are practical and the gifts make me gag. Would you like to see me slurp a loogie?

Eddie Einstein (Albert's little brother)

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