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April Fools Archive 2004 - 2006

Here is an archive of April Fool's Day jokes from the years 2004 - 2006 . Enjoy the toplist and check out the rest of the website.


Year 2006

Bill Gates Converts to Islam

USB Sushi Hits the Market

Jeff Koons New White House Garden Sculptor

Skype Device Passes Odors Over Internet

Google to Advertise on the Moon

Google Romance Dating Solution

GigantiPod Boombox Hits Market

iPod Peripheral Helps in Toilet Training

iPod-Powered Irons and Shavers

Congress Passes Anarchy Bill of 2006

Monkey Throws Poo with Robotic Arm

Reverend Jerry Falwell Embraces Gay Marriage


Year 2005

Google Gulp Hits Marketplace

There's A Moose In The Garden!

Student Body President's Ego Explodes

Ohio Barracuda Sighting

University of New Hampshire Secedes


Year 2004

April 1 More Intense on Mars

Where's My Pants?

Battle of the Network Monks

Oprah Named Fourth Person of the Trinity

Bush Outsources the Deficit

Corpus Christi DJ Resigns On Air

Cross and Lopez Replace Howard Stern

Foam, Foam on the Range


The years 2004, 2005, and 2006 were grand for April Fool's day jokes. As you can see by this list there were many yucks to be had, held and to hold. Til death do you part. I far, therefore I am, said Sam I Am. Damn!


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