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April Fools 1990 - 1999

This is the April Fools archive from the years 1990 - 1999. There are many great gags listed here, so be sure to check them all out. Just because they're old doesn't mean that they're not funny. Some of these April fools gags are downright hilarious, so spend a little time and check them out!



1990 - 1999

* Electricity Gone Wireless?

* You've Got ESP-Mail

* Disney opens in Kokopelli County, AZ

* Left-Handed Condiment

* New Millennium Is Guinness Time

* Handguns For The Homeless

* Government Announces Bureau of Internet Affairs

* BMW Announces Road Warmers

* Great Cartoon Switcheroonie

* Internet Down For Cleaning

* Microsoft Conducts Nuclear Tests

* IRS To Purchase AOL

* Federal Reserve Imposes Television Tax

* Microsoft Acquires Christmas

* US Airforce Merges With Lockheed

* Vchip For Books

*Hacker Barbie Hits Toy Stores

* Living On MS Time

* Bill Clinton Warns World

* Al Gore Internet Access for All

* NASA Headline News

* Bill Gates Named Government Director

* Fallwell Ministries Take Over TSR

* McDonalds / EUnet offer Global "Internet in a Lunchbox"

* Microsoft Bidding for Catholic Church

* Possible Cell Virus Attacks ATM Network

* Apple Releases New Macintosh Extension











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