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Bush Outsources Deficit

April 1, 2004

Washington, DC -- The White House announced today that President Bush will be sending legislation to Congress to outsource the deficit.

"Outsourcing is the solution to all of America's problems," said President Bush. "If it worked for Andersen and McKinsey, it works for me."

Bush's announcement is a dramatic extension of the Administration's growing support for offshore outsourcing, an increasing trend that has moved hundreds of thousands of jobs in manufacturing and service sectors from the U.S. to lower wage countries. In December, the Commerce Department hosted workshops at the 2003 Economic and Trade Conference to train American companies in outsourcing and to specifically encourage the exportation of jobs to China.

In February, the President's Chief Economic Advisor said the "movement of U.S. factory jobs and white-collar work to other countries [is a] positive transformation."

On an official trip to India in March, Secretary of State Colin Powell promised that the Administration would continue to support the outsourcing of American jobs.

How outsourcing works for America Bush also explained why the world must take responsibility for America's deficit. "Why should every kid born in America be stuck with $35,000 in debt -- when we can just outsource it and stick it to every kid on the planet?"

President Bush also indicated that outsourcing the deficit could help support multilateral cooperation in the war on terror. "And make sure that other countries pick up the tab for the war on terror -- that's multilateral cooperation for ya'!"

President Bush's new plan flies in the face of Democrats' criticisms that providing economic incentives for companies to outsource risks America's prospects for economic recovery.

John Kerry, the Democratic candidate for president, responded strongly to Bush's proposal: "Five years, not four, at Andover, and then Yale and Harvard and he still can't balance the budget? Pigs will have wings before this plan passes the Congress. Come November, let's outsource George W. Bush instead."

Posted by PHX - John Kerry on Thursday April 1, 2004 at 10:00 am MST



April Fools R Us brings you not only a history of April Fool's Day but a living archive of this event. April Fools Day is an informal holiday celebrated by certain mirthful factions around the world. From putting a "Kick Me" sign on someone's back to putting ping pong balls in the cupboard, this holiday is one that must not go unobserved.

Like other holidays, April Fool's Day is a personal, me to you, holiday. Why not give the gift of prank this year? If you have an April 1 prank you would like to share, then send it in. Or if you have an idea for a prank for the upcoming holiday, send this in too. We will all benefit by creative pranking!



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