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Dogs on Ice Racing

British greyhound racing has been combined with the Dancing on Ice TV show to create the new sport of "Dogs on Ice". Animal rights activists are up in arms as they should be as the hapless pooches tend to slide around a bit crashing into the guard rails.

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According to the Dogs on Ice sponsors, however, this is being corrected by fitting the greyhounds with special traction shoes. The first Dogs on Ice event will be at Wembley Arena with the usual betting spreads applying.

Of course, it will be hard to know which greyhounds take to this format at first so the betting lines could be a bit skewed. The 36 dogs in contention will be whittled down to six with the rest competing in the even newer event being called "Dogs over Hot Coals".

Of course, stay tuned also for the new British reality TV show, "Rodeo on Ice" airing later this year.

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