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First Webcam Spy Option Announced

A company called Woopra has introduced the world's first real-time option that will let you see who is coming to your website or blog - literally. Not only will the web analytics software give you data about where each individual visitor is coming from geographically, and other such data such as PC or MAC, size of monitor and which web pages they are browsing, but the new Woopra feature will let you turn on their webcam secretly and see who is on your website.

There is a wonderful video on the site that explains just how this is accomplished. In addition, the Woopra software let's you listen to your visitors through their computer's audio system as well and hear what they are hearing in real-time.

Marketers and social media types may want to establish personal connections with their website visitors or they may just use the webcam and video spying to collect information on the people actively on their website. Whether or not you'll be able to automatically spy and store this information for later use is still being discussed.

More info

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