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Funny T-shirts

Funny t-shirts are featured here at the April Fools R Us online store. Please check out all the funny t-shirts, designs and concepts that we have to offer. If there is anything that we're missing as far as funny t-shirts you'd like to see that we're missing, let us know as we'd like to include your suggestions on our website.


Funny t-shirts are made funny by the amusing concept, text and graphics that goes with each funny design. Take for instance, the funny t-shirt, which resides on the funny t-shirts page, "Funny Person. I'm Quite A Chameleon If I Do Say So Myself!" This funny tee is based on the concept of a pun and is mostly text-based wrapped into an interesting design. The funny part is the concept.

Another funny example on the same page is "Sponge Biff Square Ass". Hey, if that other famous character has square pants then he has to have a square ass to fit into those pants! This funny design is also based upon a funny concept, but it adds a funny graphic to the mix as well. A third example of a funny t-shirt is the first tee on the Novelty page. The funny "Blank" design is extremely understated and is funny only because of the concept. There is no funny art, and the text is not funny at all. But, what makes this funny is the understatement. Some may not find this art funny at all but we think it's a good contrast to most of the other designs which tend to be over-to-top.










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