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GMC Truck Club Down and Smart Car Site Goes Up

In what is being called an oppressive government move, the GMC truck club website is being shutdown and in its place a Smart Car website is going up. Now doubt their will be a redirect from the long standing websites URL to the new domain name.

Fans of the truck club are outrage. According to Cecil B. Hayworth, "They can't just shut down me truck club website. This is Big Brother watching us and it just ain't right. This is a free country and we have the right to buy and drive GMC trucks. I don't care if the government owns most of GM. We is the government."

Of course, with last minute negotiations you never can tell. Perhaps instead of the website going down, instead GMC and Smart will merge technologies and there will be a Smart Truck that satisfies both tastes. But, that just wouldn't be right, now would it?

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