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Good Pranks to Play

Good pranks to play on people don't have to involve violence and hurting them. They could but then that would be more of a one-sided retaliation prank instead of one that will be funny on both sides.

Good pranks to play involve a joke that is funny to the prankster but also to the one being pranked once he or she comes to their senses. A person doesn't have to be bloody, bruised or sent to the hospital when truly good pranks are played.

On this page, I've put some classic pranks to play. These are easy to pull on someone and have been gathered from other pages on this website.

Good Pranks to Play:

1. Place a rubber chicken anywhere that would be a surprise such as a bedroom drawer, kitchen drawer or garage tool chest.
2. Superglue a quarter to a sidewalk in public and watch people try to pick it up.
3. Put a rubber band on the kitchen sink spray nozzle so that when someone turns on the faucet they get soaked.
4. Don't put clear wrap on a toilet. This is so old school. Just don't do it. I said don't do it. Okay, if you do it then don't blame me for the consequences.
5. If you buy large jugs of bottled water then squeeze a small rubber duck into it and place the water on the stand.
6. Use Photoshop magic on your friends' photos and then place them on Myspace or Facebook.
7. Fart in an elevator. Enough said.
8. Buy one of those remote controlled whoopee cushions and use it in church or under your teacher's chair.
9. Put shaving cream on someone's face when they sleep (classic joke).
10. Put a sleeping person's hand in a bucket of warm water (another classic joke) and this will make them pee.

Okay, these are good pranks to play on anyone so I want to share a particular prank that one reader sent in. This joke is courtesy of C Girl:

"It was April Fools day in 2009 and i really wanted to pull a prank on someone and i was in a rush because I had to catch the bus in about 15 minutes. I came up with this awesome plan. I knew that my dad was going to get in the shower for work soon. I took all the soap out of the shower and every where else that soap would be.

"Just incase once he found out he wouldn't dry himself off and go look for the soap in my bathroom or something. i found this huge bucket and i found every last bar of soap in my house and put it in the bucket. i hid it at the very top of my bathroom closet. When he got home from work that day i had asked him if he had noticed. of course then he flipped out and told me how he went to work dirty."

If you can think of any good pranks to play, then send them in and I will find a place to post them on this website.

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