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Google gDay with MATE Announced

Google Australia has announced its leading edge software gDay with MATE (Machine Automated Temporal Extrapolation) that can search for web pages before they are created. The new Google algorithm uses a combination of artificial intelligence and fuzzy math to anticipate content on the web.

This forecasting search features is expected to benefit everyone from gamblers to those who want to know elections results in a couple of weeks' time. The Google gDay with MATE ranks future pages by relevance so the next model hydrogen car may just rank ahead of an older electric car in relevancy for instance.

Stock pickers, astrologists and many others wanting an edge of the future will find the Google gDay with MATE a highly attractive, well mate. You may want to use this new search tool to find out when it will become available to the public at large as it may just remain in Beta for an extended period, for national security reason.

For more info see Google gDay with MATE

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