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Homemade Gag Gifts

Homemade gag gifts send the message of "I care" or at least the message of "I care AND I got you, sucker!" There any many homemade gag gifts a person can make with little expense and effort.

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This is why I have outlined my top 10 list of favorite homemade gag gifts. These can be played on April Fool's Day or at Christmas time or whenever the urge strikes you. Just remember to stay safe and duck and cover after pulling these pranks.

Top 10 Homemade Gag Gifts


1. A turd on a stick is the perfect homemade gag gift. Why give cheese, ice cream or a corn dog on a stick, when you can stick it to them with a large, black turd on a stick?

2. Ask your friend to pretend to be the President and throw a shoe at them. Afterwards give them the shoe. Get a pair of shoes from the Goodwill so this is cheap. You may even want to decorate the shoes so they truly qualify as homemade gag gifts.

3. A redneck flashlight is also one of the many homemade gag gifts listed here. What you do is capture some lightening bugs in a jar. Put a little beer at the bottom of the jar and you have yourself a real life redneck flashlight.

4. A dust bunny nest is a perfect homemade gag gift for those with cleanliness issues. What you do is build a little nest in a shoebox similar to one that you may want to put a bunny into. Next, go around the house and look for dust bunnies in places that haven't been dusted for year like behind furniture, on top of ceiling fans, in the attic. Be sure to take great care in keeping the dust bunnies in tact.

5. Post-It Pad pants and shirt are homemade gag gifts that anyone can do. Simply find a yellow Post-It Pad and place the yellow squares all over your brothers, sisters, parents or friend's favorite shirt and pants. Hang these up in the closet for best effect.

6. Beer-noculars are one of the top homemade gag gifts one can give. What you do is puts holes in the bottoms of two empty beer cans. Glue the cans together and then give them to your friend to use. You can even glue a ribbon on the beer-noculars so they may be worn around the neck. It's that simple.

7. Another of the classic homemade gag gifts of all time is the box inside the box trick. When your mark opens the large box a smaller one is inside and a small one inside that and so forth. Finally all that is left is a tiny box. The box could be empty or you could put a small token present inside it like a bug, a nickel or a bugger.

8. Fart free underwear is another of the homemade gag gifts one can create from very little material usually found around the house. If you have an air filtration system in the house chances are that a nifty little extra charcoal filter in tucked away somewhere. Cut to size and glue inside someone's underwear and tell them this is their new fart filtration system.

9. Poop trophies are homemade gag gifts that can be given to family, friends and just about anyone. Thrift stores are the source for trophies as many times people will just give them away. So, take the man off the top of the trophy, go to the art supply store and get some brown putty and put the putty on the trophy.

10. Putting shaving cream in a hat is a classic homemade gag gift. What you do is line a ball cap, stocking hat or other headwear with shaving cream, then quickly put it on your friend or family member. You may let them put it on themselves, but the success rate is higher if you put the hat on for them.


These are the top 10 homemade gag gifts that I've been able to come up with. Believe me, I've been pulling gags and pranks for years and know that these work. Remember, don't hurt anyone or damage property that you'll get in trouble for when creating these gags. Otherwise, have fun and take pictures!

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