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Teacher's Pet

Id thought id add a prank too,Well here goes. What i sometimes do on april fools is id right it notes like "please go to it3 period 7+8" but instead of writing one id right them for every lesson .Then before lesson id plan a place where there wasnt much chance of teachers going past and id have two friends at either staircase to inform me of teachers, id stick them on the door and wait. id pick a room preferably near the toilets,we'd just sit back and watch it was hilarious seen over 30 people working out what period it was and then they would start
walking up several flights of stairs only to be shouted at by the teacher and then to come back down and then have the teacher trying to work out who stuck it there.

by Tyler.B


Stink Bomb Madness!

Heres a nother prank it can be risky if caught can get into serious trouble, Here goes,!!on april fools day!! this is for bullies,bad teachers or just fun!!! well you know them fart bomb bags you can get that explode about 70 or so for about £5.about 3inches by 3 inches.
well what id do is id get two friends to cautiously watch out for teachers then id take a fart bomb bag and throw it in their classroom,We'd all run into the toilets and listen and all you hear is a loud pop. you can hear people going aww not again another stink bomb. When the teachers come in it stinks they cant get rid of the smell
and they just sit smelling it all day,if you realy hate your teachers why
not place one in their cupboard or suitcase type thing.

by Tyler.B


Dealing with Bullies

this one is for the bullies what id do is follow the bully at lunch hours
and watch him place down his bag,id wait a minute or so then quickly press the fart bomb bag and chuck it into their back and run back about 10 metres and watch their bag suddenly jump about a cm.If i wanted a realy good reaction id follow them slowly opening their bag a few inches without them noticing then id press the fart bomb bag and place it in as your near a toilet you can just go in and listen for the pop and the realy big reaction afterwards.there bag stinks for hours after.That is my favourite prank. or id simply get a concoction of mixes that smell like crazy then id place them in a bag then i would tie the top of the bag slightly so it can easily be opened id repeat and place it in their bag id open the top so when they lifted up their bag it went
everywhere stinking out the whole bag.This is the best prank ever!!!!

by Tyler.B


Just the Fax

A couple of guys in our company are consummate pranksters. I had the misfortune of working with the two of them together at a large hospital in Baltimore. At the end of the day I was desperate for a way to get even. As we were leaving the office I spied the fax machine next to the door and inspiration hit! I programed the fax to resend every 15 minutes, then faxed a blank sheet of paper to each one's cell phones! Since they both were expecting calls from grandchildren they couldn't turn their phones off and they just had to take the punishment. The great thing about this was that the caller ID only showed the Hospital's main number when the fax machine called them. It took them a few days to figured out it was me!

- Donald W.


Horsing Around

I told my brother that i was kicked by a horse in the leg, made a fake bruise with markers and wrapped my leg in a brace from a previous injury. i took crutches from my friend's house and walked in and told him my story saying my friend had to illegally drive me the ER without a license. he believed us, until we ran out the door and jumped on a 4-wheeler yelling "April Fools!"



Mo' Mentos

Heres how to get your enemies nice and sticky! Get a BOTTLE of diet coke, coca-cola, etc. then buy a pack of Mentos. Pierce a hole in two Mentos with a needle. Next, slip some dental floss through the mentos, and then leave some of the floss hanging out from the bottle, and then secure the cap. Then cut off the part of the floss sticking out, and, voila! When they oper it up, the Mentos will make the bottle burst sky high! (NOTE: MAKE SURETHE MENTOS ON THE FLOSS ARE HIDDEN UNDER THE CAP)

- Callan P.


School of Harsh Knocks

ok so heres a GREAT one for school.

one april fools day i went to some of my classes early in the morning and put on them things like "Health period 1 meet in old library."
then i either went into the classroom and watched or i went down the hall and watched. it was epic!!!

- Justice B.



Did this one to my dad for april fools a few years back, purchased six cheap travel alarm clocks set one to go off at three am and the rest to go off in 10 min. intervals. I then proceeded to hide them all over his room, as each on went off he had just enough time to find them and get comfortably back in bed before the next one sounded.

- Adam F.


Dangerous Water

When I was in 8th grade, me and a few friends decided to play a prank on our fellow 6-8 students. It was really the idea of our science teacher, who's pretty rad, and it worked incredibly well!

The day before April Fools, me and two other friends stayed to make huge signs that we would put over the water fountains. The signs read, "Out of Order! This water fountain emits DIHYDROGEN MONOXIDE. Dihydrogen Monoxide is a major component of acid raid, contributes to the greenhouse effect, may cause severe burns, contributes to erosion and corrosion, and in special circumstances may cause electrocution and electrical failures."

The next day we made sure to get to school a little bit earlier, to see the initial reaction. Students would go to the water fountains and read the signs, and if they were in groups they would gasp and start complaining and saying that was so dangerous. It worked on everybody, even the seventh and some of the eighth graders, but mostly the sixth graders.

The funny thing is, Dihydrogen Monoxide is just another name for water!!

- e. green



About a month ago I went on a family trip to this tropical resort. Me and my friend, who we brought with us, were super bored since my cousin and his friend, who we also brought along, banned us from their room. We decided to take our revenge... using a belt, a towel hanger, shoelaces, doorknobs, and two benches.

Their bedroom and the bathroom doors are right next to each other. First, we wrapped my friend's belt around their doorknob, and attached a long string that we'd made out of our shoelaces. we stretched it as far as it would go and tied the end of the shoelaces to the bathroom door, which we had opened all the way (inward, into the bathroom). We took another shoelace and tied the bathroom doorknob to the towel hanger, which was right behind it. Then we moved the table benches from the dining room into the bathroom to create a barracade.

Watching their faces after they finally woke up and tried to get out was priceless!

-e. green



One April Fool's Day i went to school and i thought it was going to be the best day ever. then my dad and mom and the principle come to get me. they all looked mad, sad, disappointing all at once. the principal says that i am suspended from school for the next two days and the rest of the day today. i was so scared. my parents to me into the car without a word. they never said a thing the whole car ride. then we show up at the dentist and i remember its friday so i would have the next two days off anyways. i wasnt told about the appointment though so having to leave was a plus.

- Katie


heres a classic

i put colorless nail polish on a dry barof soap and placed it in the shower my mom or dad picked it up and no sud happend



When Life Hands You Lemons ...

Once when I was like 13, I wanted to play a trick on my dad. So I made "lemonade" out of water, lots of salt, coriander and ice. It really looked like lemonde, and you should have seen the look on my dad's face! He says he'll get back at me but hasnn't yet. Warning: do not do to a strict parent or person without a sense of humour.

- Atinuke



During my technology education class in high school I thought it would be a good idea to tombstone everyones bookbags. Tombstoning is when you take out all of there books and folders, turn the bookbag inside out put everything back into it and zip them back up. I did everyones except 3 people so it didnt look like it was me. It was funny to watch everyone rush to get there bags as school ended then find that there bookbags were pranked and have to take the time to fix the books before they left.



Ditching Mom

In my freshman year in high school there were contractors working on the campus next to ours and a lot of times the power would go out and I would always complain about it to my mom... which turned out to be a great setup for a prank.

One day, we were off for teachers' work day and I made sure my mom didn't know about it. So that morning I got up at the same time as usual and got ready for school and left for the bus stop, where I just staked out in hiding until my mom left the house an hour later for work. Then I walked back home and lounged until noon.

So at noon, I called my mom at work from my cell and said I was in the clinic and wasn't feeling well and could she come pick me up. She asked why I was calling from my cell and I said the construction had turned off the school's power again.

So she goes to the school and finds it empty. She was furious but it was absolutely epic.

- Miranda


My aunt and I come up with a lot of funny pranks.

1. Do you have lots of pennies and lots of freezer space? Well, put those pennies into the freezer and then spread them on the other person's bed. They'll freeze their butts off!
2. Clean a needle or pin. Put the pin in the banana through the peel and then make slicing motions. When the other person opens it, it'll be all sliced up.
3. Take a bunch of balls and stick them in the other person's pillow. When they go to sleep that night, their heads will find a bumpy suprise!
4. Take all of the cereal bags out of the boxes and mix them up. When your dad wants a nice bowl of captain crunch, get ready for some Fruit Loops instead!!!



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