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Party Gag

My wife is known on the block for her excellent hors d'oeuvres. One April 1st it was our job to bring hors d'oeuvres to a block party. My wife made spiced oranges, strawberry shortcake, and chocolate covered fruit. Actually, the oranges were covered in chili powder, the shortcake topping was hot salsa, and the "fruit" under the chocolate was garlic!



Daylight Spending Time

When I was in junior high school my mother played a
good trick on my father. She was always an early
riser (as in 5:00 a.m.). My father had to get up at
7:00 for work. She went around the house and set all
the clocks to 9:25 or so, then ran frantically into
his room, and woke him up yelling "John! John! You
overslept!" He was just about out the door before she
broke down and let him in on the joke.

Bob B.


Ooops, Guess What

We lived together for a short time before we were married. One morning I woke to find a note on the couch. My not-yet-wife had already left for work. The note explained that something had been weighing heavily on her mind. She wrote that she didn't know how to confront me face-to-face, because she couldn't predict my reaction. She informed me that, as she suspected, she was indeed pregnant.

Pregnant?! Woah, um, wow. I sat back on the couch, and thought about this for awhile. We'd never really talked about kids, and had only been engaged for a short time. I was pretty nervous, but was just about to call her saying how this was great news, when I noticed the small print: Continued on Back

On the opposite side it read: APRIL FOOLS!

-Steve V.


The ol' Desktop Icon Switcheroo..

In Microsoft Windows, if you press the 'Print Scrn' key on your keyboard during any application it will take an image of whatever is on screen and place it onto your clipboard. From there, you can paste it into whatever application you wish...

So here goes. When your co-worker is distracted shut down any applications they have running on their computer and capture an image of the desktop, with all of it's icons, using the Print Scrn key. Open paintbrush and click Edit-->Paste to paste the image into Paintbrush. Save the image as a bitmap, and return to their desktop. Right-click the desktop and set the Desktop wallpaper to the image you just saved. Now delete all of their desktop icons. The icons will still appear to be there, but since they're only part of the image and not really icons none of them will work. Endless hours of fun as they try to figure out what happened.

Bonus points for pulling this trick on a compter saavy person. Noone ever figures out whats going on with their computer.

-Benjamin F.


No Sense of Humor

One April Fools Day, when I was about 15 or 16, I told my mom I was pregnant. It was really funny to see her reaction, but I got in major trouble when I told her I was joking. Some people just don't appreciate a good joke...

Clare P.


In the Out Door

One of my favorite April Fools jokes is that you print out a bunch of papers that say "Please Use Other Door" and you put them on the front of all the doors into a building and just watch everyone's reaction. It's hilarious. I put it on the entrance to my school and people sat out there for 10 minutes wondering what to do. Shows how public education is doing in this country...

-Erik B.


Stored Up Laughter

Hey guys - Love your site. I thought that I might have an extra little addition to make it some more fun. Everybody has seen those liquid stink bombs enclosed in little glass containers. They're fun no doubt, but it's all about location. I have found that anyone can have an incredible time just dropping one off on the floor of a video-rental store in front of the new releases. The reason it works so well is because in video stores, people will force themselves to deal with the smell to keep browsing the tapes and will often walk through it. The faces are priceless. Another reason is the little children in the store that will smell it. It tons of fun because they will speak their mind by saying something like, "that smells like poop!" or as the best I've heard yet, "that smells like grandma!" It's a lot of fun just be careful. Enjoy~

-Dusty S.


Chirp, Crack!, Chirp

Once at school, in my first hour, a life science class, we were incubating eggs so one of my friends decided to play a joke on the teacher. She brought in a hard-boiled egg and put it in the incubator, but first, she put a little crack in the hard-boiled egg. She took the egg out and said, "Hey! They're cracking!" The teacher yelled out, "Put that egg back NOW!" Then came the real joke. She dropped the egg! The teacher absolutely freaked! She screamed and yelled till' her face was red! It was sooooooooo funny!



Cadbury Eggs

Ok, I'm not particularly proud of this, and I do not know if it has been used many times, but it was an almost original plan by my part.

Now this prank needs about 3-4 days prep so don't forget!
Take as many Cadbury Eggs with "candy egg" filling as u like. Take a heated butter knife, and slowly (while re-heating when needed) cut off top of egg, like around 1/5 of the top. Now the contents of candy should be very visible. Take small spoon, scoop out candy. Now it's time to create a concoction. I used specifics, but please, use what you see to fit! I used a little of an old stew, hot sauce, VERY HOT chili powder, and on top a little chocolate syrup to cover and smell or first taste. Now take the top that u chopped off, and also get some powder chocolate, more syrup, and a little milk. Basically, you fix the top again with the ingredients above making like a chocolate Bondo.

Once fully sealed, set in fridge and let cool for a night or two. Now it's ready to try one on someone. It's best when u have someone in on the gag. Give one good egg to your friend who is in on it, and then give a "bad" egg to a "friend" that you wanna give a good taste sensation. Have your Co-conspirator slowly gnaw at their egg, when they look pitiful and cannot quite chew it, tell the victim to show them how its done and completely consume the egg. While they are smiling in triumph, try not to laugh. Remember when you bite into that its gunna be very JUICY! Now that the victim has realized what has happened, RUN! And be happy, now you have a batch of prank eggs to use at will, ENJOY!

-Danny G.


Oreo Magic

Here is a great one for someone who takes their lunch to work or for kids who take it to school:

Take Oreo cookies and gently twist apart. Carefully scrape off the icing and replace with toothpaste mixed with garlic powder or pickle juice. Put cookies back together to and pack in lunch. Amazingly, some will not even notice the difference!

For the main course, how about a rubber band sandwich?

-M. Salz


Injection Time

Where I work we were getting injections (3 over a period of weeks) to immunize us against Hepatitis.

I was having my third jab and this new guy who had just started that day was having his first. I went into see the Nurse, rolled up my sleeve and had my jab. The Nurse turned around to get the needle ready for the new guy so I used the opportunity to undo my trousers and left the surgery room my pants up and rubbing my bum to give the new guy the impression that you got the jab in the bum. Well it worked! In he went, pulled down his pants and bent over the bed. The Nurse turned around and got a hell of a shock.

The new guy came out red-faced and cursing me. I, of course was rolling on the floor laughing.
This guy often tells me that that is the best he's ever been got.




Many years ago in my old home town, on April 1st, a
gang of road workers was starting to build a roundabout at a road intersection (is it called a traffic island in the USA?).

A phone call was made to the police: "We'd like to tell you that some of our friends are building a fake roundabout as an April Fool's joke. We thought we'd better do the responsible thing and tell you so you could prevent any traffic problems."

Then someone went up to the work gang and said: "Some
of our mates are planning a practical joke this morning. They'll be dressed as cops and they'll come and tell you to move on. Just tell them to piss off, they're just students in disguise."

Then it was just a matter of sitting back and watching the fun!

-James B.


Flying Snake

Last year on April Fool's day I hid a little rubber snake under a beanbag by sitting on it to make a flat spot on it and put the snake near the edge of the flat spot, then folded it over to cover it up. Then one of the people in my class that is scared of everything went and plopped on the opposite edge of where the snake was, causing the snake to fly into the air and land on his head. Then of course being the class scaredy-cat, he screamed like a little girl. Then when he saw me laughing so he figured it was me who planted it and he got mad and me and chucked it at me. Then we realized the teacher was watching us laughing along with the rest of the class.



Estate Sale Prank

When I was 18, I came up with this deliciously creative idea for my grandparents on April Fool's Day.
Around 2 a.m., my sister and a friend and I put a sign in my grandparents' front yard that read "Estate Sale 9:00 Today."
The next morning, a car pulled into my grandparents' driveway a little before nine. An older man walked up to the door and my grandma answered his knock in pink pajamas.
"Sale? What? I don't know what you're talking about."
Both of them were a little bewildered. Then my grandma figured it out. My sister and I came trooping around the corner from where we had been watching, and took much delight in 'confessing' and telling the whole story.

- Alison

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The april fools practical jokes and gag gifts contained in this site are so funny that if I am drinking milk while checking these jokes out, I snort all that white liquid out my nose! Don't be one of the april fools, doggonit, check these practical jokes and gag gifts out! The practical jokes practically bring the house down! Down through history the fools of April have had their day, one day a year. See what those april fools have been up to and don't laugh with them, laugh at them.

- Walter Cronkite

April and her band of fools just love the tomfoolery on this site. From media hoaxes to pranks to gag gifts to practical jokes this site makes me laugh even when I'm in trouble with the law. Say, does anyone know if April is available because I would like to be her fool if you know what I mean. And if not does she have a sister?

- Bill Clinton

This April fools practical jokes and gag gifts pad is a jolly good site, indeed. I perused it over one time and laughed so hard it almost made me pee. Then a month later, I thought I would look up a few April fools practical jokes to play on dear young William (and even bought a few gag gifts) and I came back to this pad and laughed so hard I did pee my pants. Jolly good thing I am wearing Depends now days.

- Queen Elizabeth

It is not knowledge that is important, but rather imagination. And this April fools site is chocked full of imagination. And of course knowledge. Of course you can't deny the great gag gifts and practical jokes you find here, either. When I wrote my great theory I wasn't really thinking of great media hoaxes or fart jokes but yes, now I see that they too can apply. The jokes here are practical and the gifts make me gag. Would you like to see me slurp a loogie?

Eddie Einstein (Albert's little brother)

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