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Prank Ideas

Prank ideas don't have to be just for April Fools' Day. With a few clever prank ideas in mind, why not pull them anytime? It's a shame, frankly, that April Fools' Day is confined to one day a year since people, in general, need to be pranked, punked and downright spoofed way more often.

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So, here's a list in no special order about everyday prank ideas you can pull whenever and wherever you want. If you have a few prank ideas to add to the list, send it in as we would like to share with pranksters everywhere the joy of shenanigans.

1. Garden gnomes have been the subject of many pranks over the years. They have been stolen, beheaded defaced and downright trashed. Here is a more subtle idea: turn the garden gnome around and put it in a different place in the yard. This gets the point across and doesn't usually get anyone in too much trouble.

2. Toilet papering a car, that's right, car not house has not been overdone. Toilet papering a house is so cliché. But, if you wrap a car in TP (on a dry, not rainy day), then it's all good fun especially if it's a coach, teacher or famous Wall Street businessman that deserves it. Of course, toilet papering the dog, sometimes can be equally as fun.

3. Make the offer to crack three eggs over a friend's head for $1,000. Of course you just crack two eggs, watch the goo run down and say you don't want to waste the third egg (or the $1,000).

4. Putting a mustache on a sleeping person who doesn't normally have one is always fun. But, even better is that if that person is a deep sleeper than paint another set of eyes on their forehead. When they look in the mirror first thing in the morning, they will be shocked.

5. Rubber ducks and rubber chickens are staples of comedy. So, the prank ideas involving these props is to put them in interesting places like the refrigerator, bottled water tank, car glove box, favorite shoe box, desk drawer and one of my favorites is to put a little rubber ducky floating in the toilet.

6. Fake snakes, cockroaches, spiders and other scary creatures are other staples of practical jokes. The prank ideas involving these items also involves putting them in unusual places, such as a golf bag, purse, backpack, car seat, locker, hanging from the ceiling, on top of a door, around a pet door, in a drawer or even in the refrigerator.

7. Ping pong balls make for wonderful pranks. Perhaps, the top place to place the ping pong balls will be the kitchen cupboards at home or similar high cupboards at work such as in the color copier room or another similar place.

8. Post-it notes make wonderful accessories to decorate a deep sleeper with. Also Post-its can be placed over someone's door, locker, refrigerator, toilet, room or even car. The prank ideas are endless for these small portable yellow pads!

9. Putting a "Wet Paint" sign on all sorts of objects can be good fun at home or in public. At home you can put the sign on the couch, refrigerator, toilet or door. In public, you can decorate park benches, hand rails, doors and even windows with these signs.

10. Superglue coins to the sidewalk is always a tried and true prank idea. Watch people's reactions in a public place as they try to pick up the coins, kick them and otherwise dislodge them from the sidewalk. Why not even make a video of this and post it on Youtube?

These are the top 10 prank ideas that I can come up with for now. Hopefully, these will inspire you to come up with your own prank ideas and try them out for fun. Don't wait for April Fools' Day either. While this is the perfect time to try them out (and everyone should be on guard this day), these practical jokes can be played at any time of the year.

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