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Revenge Pranks

When someone does you wrong, what do you do? You get even. How do you get even? By pulling one or more revenge pranks on them.

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Now everyone has their own internal meter on when revenge pranks are appropriate and when they are not. For instance, if someone give you a funny look, then revenge pranks may not be worth pursuing.

If a spouse or boyfriend / girlfriend cheats on you, then you may need more than a few revenge pranks to let the healing begin. But, in-between these two extremes pulling a few revenge pranks on friends or foes can be quite satisfying indeed.

So, for all those who feel slighted, hurt, angry, irritated, put off, pulled one over on and more, take heart in the list of revenge pranks we've assembled here today.

Top 10 List of Revenge Pranks

1. Plastic wrap someone's bed just for the sport of it. You can use small, grocery store plastic wrap or large commercial plastic wrap. The choice is yours and the fun will be knowing your friend or foe has a cleanup job ahead of them.

2. Use someone's kitchen sink as a planter. Of course if you don't want destroy anything put down some plastic wrap first, then fill with dirt, and put a few plants in for good measure.

3. The sneeze sneak attack is harmless and involve coming up behind someone with a little water cupped in your hands. Do you best fake sneeze and then splash the water on the back of their head. They will be most disgusted for sure.

4. Putting shaving cream in the toes of a person's shoes is always a good prank. If you get it far enough up in the shoe they will never suspect a thing.

5. Grease finger is another of my personal favorites. Some heavy automotive grease can be put in all sorts of places where a person touches, lifts or pulls. For instance the underside of a door knob is just called for a little dab of grease. The backside of a draw handle or window handle or a lift up style car door handle are also suitable places.

6. While at the beach, wait until your friend head to the bathroom or into the water. While they are not looking dig a hole underneath their beach towel where they normally would sit. Place it back so that it looks natural. When they sit down, they'll plop into the hole.

7. Get some clay from the art store, the kind that looks like pooh. Mix in some corn or bits of carrot, then mold it to look like a turd. This can be placed on a toilet seat, car seat, dinner plate, desk or wherever your target frequents often.

8. Leave a stinking dollar behind in a place your friend will find it. What you do is put some stinky catfish bait on one side of a dollar bill and use this as glue to stick it to the bathroom sink, floor, dashboard or another place. When your friend or foe bends down to pick it up they won't be sure if it's stinky and sticky pooh or not but will surely be disgusted.

9. This prank could get you in trouble at work or school so take heed that you target the right person. Place some racy photos in the photocopy machine so that the printable side is on one side and the racy photos on the other. When the person prints out their copies they'll notice the racy photos on one side. Don't get caught!

10. Leave on your friend's voicemail a Jazz scat singing fake phone call from Homeland Security Office. For instance, "This is Jebediah from the Office of Homeland Security and scoobity dowap do wah wah, wapity dowap skaloo! We've been intercepting some of your phone conversations. Please call me back. Click."

These are just my top 10 revenge pranks that one can pull on basically anyone else. This list is not inclusive of all revenge pranks but perhaps these payback ideas will spur some creativity on your own. Please feel free to send in your own revenge pranks and I will add them to the list.

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