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Swinging Dead Cats in Vogue in Kazakhstan

In an attempt to Westernize yet put their own flavor on things, the Russian Republic of Kazakhstan has replaced the Hammer throw with the Dead Cat Toss. Though the translation is not spot on, the idea behind the dead cat toss is the same as the hammer throw: distance.

Participants swing a dead cat

Participants wind up, with cat in hand and fling the dead animal as far as they can without going over the line. This competition started in the farming regions outside of Astana and then eventually migrated into the suburban setting.

According to Kazakhstan farmer Boris Gabovski, "In the country there are many dead cats to be found. So, we just fling them. We had no idea that this would catch on in a sport." Apparently, it has since the Kazakhstan Dead Cat Tossing team made their way to Anaheim, California recently to show off the finer points to interested suburban Americans (in photo).

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