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Toyota Prius Non-Hybrid Announced

Toyota has announced a non-hybrid version of its popular and eco-friendly Prius automobile. Toyota has sold over 1 million Prius vehicles to people who want better gas mileage and are concerned about the environment.

Instead of a gas-sipping engine and hybrid electric drive train, the non-Prius will have a Camry 268 hp V6 engine that roars down the roadway faster than a speeding Focus. Toyota decided that Treehuggers have had it too good for too long and wanted to introduce a car with power that only has the appearance of a green car. With this new version of the Prius, you can enjoy boasting to your friends and roadside assistance teams that your car isn't actually green at all, it simply looks like it is!

Expect Toyota also to come out with a non plug-in hybrid Prius as well that only has the appearance of a 100 mpg car while only getting about 28 mpg highway, yet it will also have a power cord that goes to nothing that one can attached in the comfort of one's own garage.

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